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Shareholders Database

Product Summary

India’s first and only database providing shareholder (promoters and public>1% of total share capital)-wise (made possible due to extensive name cleaning/uniquing exercise) holdings and changes in holding in all companies across all quarters (Scheme-wise Mutual Fund holdings of even less than 1% of total share capital are covered). This database is updated on a daily basis.

Some of the first-of-a-kind features/reports of this database are:

  • Rectification of erroneous filings made by companies as per revised shareholding format issued by SEBI in December 2015
  • Who owns what shares, changes in shareholding and entry and exits of investors: Track changes in shareholding of individual promoters and public shareholders within a company. Also view present holding as well as changes in shareholding of promoters and public shareholders across all companies.
  • Company-wise, Industry-wise, Index-wise, Group-wise and Market cap.-wise searches are available as also searches by Shareholder Name, Shareholder name ‘Contains’, Shareholder Category (FPI, Mutual Fund etc.) FPI Group, FPI Category and Promoter Group (to view shareholding of all promoters of a Company, across all companies)
  • Track shareholder-wise changes across quarters. For e.g. Which promoter or which FPI, and in which company, has increased his shareholding the most between 2 quarters.
  • Track Shareholder Category (Promoter, FPI, DII, Domestic Mutual Funds etc.)-wise changes across quarters
  • Industry-wise Public Institutional Shareholding with investor-wise and company-wise break-up
  • Track shareholding of FPIs/MFs/Insurance companies, industry-wise or company- wise
  • Ranking of Top 100 FPIs (holding more than 1%)/ Top 10 Mutual Funds/ Top 5 Insurance Companies (holding more than 1%) / Top 100 Shareholders (Entities)/ Top 100 Shareholders (All Individuals or only Promoter-Individuals or only Non-Promoter-Individuals) across all companies
  • Calculate Market value of holdings of any shareholder (promoter or public) at any given point in time
  • Compare shareholding in summary format or as per detailed SEBI format, for a company across quarters
  • Track changes in pledged shareholding, promoter-wise and quarter-wise
  • Companies where Shareholder Category-wise % Shareholding is within a particular defined range
  • View shareholders who have been re-classified from Promoters to Public or vice versa
  • View shareholders who have been classified as Promoter and Public in the same company in the same quarter
  • Compare locked-in shares of promoters and public shareholders across quarters, view details of partly paid-up shares, outstanding convertible securities, warrants and outstanding DRs
  • Chart shareholder category-wise or shareholder-wise changes in shareholding